7 ways to get Free coins on Lust-18.net

Free coins on Lust18


If you’ve already joined Lust-18.net, then you know what it takes to chat on the site. Lust18 uses a pay-as-you-go coin system which entails buying coins and using them to send messages to other users.

Purchasing coins can be quite costly, especially if she is playing hard to get yet you really like her. So, should you give up and move on to the next prospect or dig deeper into your pockets?

Luckily, you don’t have to do any of those things. There are more options. Lust18 rewards its most active and loyal users with free coins. With such rewards, you can continue to chat your way into her heart and convince her to consider a meetup or a date offline.

Below are 7 simple ways to earn free coins on Lust18

1. Verify profile

Verifying your profile is not only important to you but the site as well. It’s a security measure meant to protect your identity, and it also comes with goodies in the form of free coins.

Once you create your free account, Lust18 will send you an email address. The mail contains a link through which you can verify your profile. Even though you may continue to use your account without verifying your profile, you are better off opening the email and clicking the link.

Validating your profile through your email will earn you 80 free coins. You may also confirm your profile through your phone number and receive 100 free coins. This is the highest amount of free coins you can make on the site and to be honest, such an amount can help you win someone’s heart if you’re good at flirting.

2. Daily login

Online dating and offline dating have one thing in common; you have to show interest if you hope to gain something out of your interactions. You can’t text someone today, disappear for seven days and then reappear pretending nothing happened.

It takes effort to woo anyone, and Lust18 recognizes and compensates effort. Logging into your account daily, shows you’re active and interested.

Therefore, you earn 10 free coins for such a simple task. You don’t even have to text or browse through profiles; just log in, and the coins are yours.

3. Add a profile photo

One way to stand out among thousands of other users on Lust-18 is by having a great profile photo. People are more trusting when they’re able to put a face to the messages coming from the other end of the platform.

Pictures make you attractive (if they’re well captured) as other users would be more willing to respond to your messages if they can see who they are talking to. The most rewarding bit, however, is that you earn 20 free coins for adding a profile picture.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Add 3 gallery photos

Have you even ‘met’ someone online but upon meeting them offline, you realized they were shorter than they seemed or their fashion sense wasn’t as high as it appeared on their profile picture?

Blame that on photos. They tend to deceive, especially if they’re stage-managed. Even though a fantastic profile pic will attract other users’ interests, it may not show them your different personas. It might even be misleading because often, people see what they want to see.

You could be cute, but you also love travelling or swimming. All these factors matter to other users and images help you communicate all your attributes. After all, would you prefer to capture people’s interest and eventually disappoint them when you finally meet?

The good news is, Lust-18.net gives you 20 free coins for adding three photos to your gallery.

5. Log in 7 days in a row

If you’ve earned coins from logging into your account daily, then you can do that for 7 days in a row. As mentioned above, Lust18 rewards highly active members.

By logging into your account daily for seven days in a row, it means you are serious about meeting someone, and Lust18 can facilitate that meetup by giving you free coins.

6. Add interests

Interests are things you like or enjoy doing. They could be hobbies such as; singing, dancing, travelling, outdoor sports, and watching movies.

However, given that Lust18 is an adult dating site, you need to be bold when listing your interests. Other users may want to know your sexual preferences. It would, therefore, be a great idea to list all the weird stuff you fantasize about such as threesomes, fetishes or props in the bedroom.

Such clarity will help others establish whether you’re a good fit or not. Interests help people connect with your profile easily as they’re able to categorize you like fun, adventurous or dull depending on their tastes. Most importantly, they eliminate potential misunderstandings from the onset.

Imagine wasting your coins chatting with someone who would never agree to do the crazy things you like? Adding one interest may not add much value to your profile, but five interests help draw a clearer picture. Lust18 awards you 20 free coins for selecting five interests.

It’s like a double treat; you boost your profile’s ability to attract the right people, and you earn from it. For instance, logging into your account daily guarantees free coins daily. Simply take advantage of these opportunities and earn as many coins as possible.

In summary, don’t get discouraged when you run out of coins while chatting on Lust18. Engaging in the above activities can earn free coins and help keep your conversations going. It’s hard to run out of coins entirely when there are so many options.

7. Refer your friends

If you have primary sales and marketing skills, there’s a way to earn from them by referring others to the site. Like any other business, Lust18 awards loyal users who bring in new members to their website.

You don’t have to create flyers or advertising banners to introduce new members to the Lust18. Share your referral link with them and tell them about the fantastic time you’re having on the website. A referral link is a specific clickable link you get after joining the site.

It helps Lust18 track the origin of new members. The management team can quickly tell when someone enters the site using your link, thus making your work easier. For every new member, you earn 10 free coins.

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