The Ability to See a Partner As a Sex Object

Unlike emotional attachments, arousal is not caused by a specific person or by a relationship. Arousal relies on being able to see a person, to some degree, as an sex object. Arousal is achieved when the mind focuses on objects or concepts that a person finds arousing. Arousal mechanisms (erotic turn-ons) involve physical attributes and … Read more

Single Sunday is not like every Sunday. There are days when you want to go out with friends, and there are days when you want to spend time with your family. On Single Sunday you want to do something special with your family. For your family, that something is getting a family package vacation to … Read more

Five Fun Things to Watch Online When You're High and Dry

When you’re high and tired, there’s nothing like flipping through television channels in search of an excellent show to watch when you’re bored.  When you’re bored, it is literally impossible to find anything to watch online except reruns of the same old shows that never get better. So what are five fun things to watch … Read more

How to Find the Love of Your Life

New studies have revealed that you may find the love of your life through online dating apps. The developers and designers behind these applications have spent years researching and seeking out the lovemaking needs of different people from all walks of life. The result is a myriad of dating and matchmaking apps ranging from the … Read more

Jingle all the way Boob-twerking Sara X, who busted onto the Internet in October with her eye-popping Mozart execution, and later came back to bring issues to light (and cash) for bosom disease, is back. In her most recent video, the pectoral diva shows up in a Santa Claus cap and rings her chimes to … Read more

6 Lies You Have Been Told About Masturbation   Is It ok To Masturbate when you’re In A relationship? 6 Lies you have been told about Masturbation In spite of the indefatigable work of sex-positive activists since the sexual unrest, self-delight remains a hot-catch subject. Unlearning the untruths you’ve been told about masturbation is no … Read more


When he calls me, I’ll come. When he orders me to sit down, I sit. When he says I have been a nasty kitty cat, I am thus embarrassed. With long, robust movements, I sneak over the floor. I lay on the floor ahead of him and make me feel snug. Stretch me out and … Read more

The Blonde Explained To Her Husband The blonde came home and said to her husband:Today I received 20 dollars from a man if I climbed into a tree Husband:Are you completely stupid or? He wanted to …. read more   The blonde explained to her husband what had happened! It was a blonde who came … Read more