Cosmetic surgery is procedural methods for enhancing a person’s
appearance via surgical techniques. A few years ago this was very
uncommon and something only done by movie stars and the very wealthy. It
was also top secret and not made public very often. The current trend
has been moving toward acceptability and widespread popularity. Why is
this so?

Expectations of the masses:
Most individuals have lots of exposure to media in all forms. Movies,
television, internet hookups and more have let us all know how beautiful
individuals can look up close. Perfect faces and bodies appear
everywhere. Do we want to look like that? We sure do. Are we willing to
just suck it up and live out our lives in flawed physical containers?
Not usually.

Technological advances:
Years ago, the technology for changing physical appearances was fairly
primitive. Breasts were enlarged by injecting peanut oil into them. Lips
were made more voluptuous by smearing them with a swelling agent.
Corsets bound our midsections. Facelifts made a person look like they’d
just exited a horror show. Discomfort, unnatural appearances and danger
resulted from these archaic techniques. Today, highly trained surgeons
can radically morph any and all body parts with the flick of a scalpel.

Aging population:
Let’s face it. With age comes wisdom, but it also brings sagginess and
wrinkles. Baby boomers are the dominant portion of the population and
they are all smack dab in middle age or beyond. This segment of the
population can be credited for many things including free love, rock
music and now increased popularity of rejuvenating procedures. Some of
the rejuvenation techniques most popular with the baby boom generation
include facelifts, brow and neck lifts, blepharoplasty, liposuction and
chemical peels. This generation has always been rebellious and cutting
edge. Now they can be young looking for their advanced years, as well.

Costs have come down:
The price tags on most plastic surgical procedures are still expensive,
but not out of reach with a bit of planning. Nearly any individual with a
job and a store of personal determination can stash away enough money
over time to snip away their physical flaws. Taking in a roommate,
selling the second car, moving to cheaper housing or doing freelance
work on the side can generate enough cash over time to pay for medical

Because we can:
Many individuals are signing up for plastic surgical operations because
they are so readily available. Look in your local yellow pages of the
phone book or online and you will see many physicians trained in facial
or body rejuvenation specialties. It’s best to choose a practitioner who
has had experience in a specific procedure of interest. Looking at a
surgeon’s “before and after” photos is a great way to gauge skill,
artistic ability and probable outcomes. If we have a figure flaw that’s
wearing us down emotionally, we can change it.

Cosmetic surgery has become more popular over the time for a variety of
reasons. Improved technology, an aging population, high expectations and
widespread availability are leading more of us to the doc’s office.

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