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Admit it. Women take for granted the appeal of casual
tops compared to sophisticated-style blouses. Who would have bargain a
plain t-shirt, V-neck for instance, over a chic draping tunic perfect
for parties, cocktails or dates? For sure, more than half of women would
not. But not me. As a fashion lover, I know that with the right touch,
casual women’s tops can give you that extra “oomph” that you’ve been
looking for. You definitely don’t know that casual women’s tops
like plain tees, tank tops, cotton camisoles and the like, however
naïve and unfashionable they may seem, are wardrobe essentials. They are
sort of the building blocks of one’s ensembles. Moreover, casual tops,
when worn with appropriate accents like accessories and jewelry, can
even make a fashion statement like a real head-turner.Style Your Plain Tee / Boyfriend ShirtsNowadays,
girls can easily play around wearing the so-called boring plain t-shirt
or what fashion femmes just coined as boyfriend’s shirt. How to pull it
off?- Choose the best color that suits one’s personality. Go for the neutrals as possible.- Pair it with skinny jeans or tight leggings.- One can strut that along with pumps, wedge, sneakers or ballerina flats, depending on the occasion and function.-
Accessorize it with bangles, hoop earrings or long chain necklace with
eccentric pendant, for instance Bangkok’s popular elephant, Paris’s
iconic Eiffel Tower or whatever is on trend and even not like the
classics. Big no-no? Never wear all at the same time. Fedora or
paperboy’s hat can also be an alternative.Style Your Tan Tops To The TopWith
tank tops, girls can go sporty, sexy or super-chic – whatever they
desire. It is just with the way they pair them up. Mix and match is the
key. Out for an outdoor hobby or recreation? Get sporty with racer-back
tank top. A mini skirt or jazz pants will do the look, along with either
girlie sneaks or comfy flats. Time to party? Then try a black tank top
with skimpy shorts, booties and heavy glam accessories like earring
hoops, cocktail ring and a nice bling-bling.Off
to a fashion show event? Take it up a notch with another must-have
among casual tops, the super-chic tank top. It can vary from details and
accents that shall bring the passé top to life. Details such as laces,
sequins, brooches, pinning or drapes could be the choices. Accents can
mean colors so why not choose the safe and glam shades of black, ash
gray, white, maroon, navy blue or nude.Style Your Cotton CamisolesJust
like with beauty, at times it is the inner that counts. Highlight one’s
wardrobe with just a simple cotton camisole which can be matched up
with any of and at the following:- smart-casual blazer for a client meeting- biker’s jacket for a rock concert- knit cardigan for a girls’ night-out- denim bolero for a movie date- suede vest for a trunk showUnexpectedly, all this can be done with casual women’s tops.
So what are you waiting for? Raid your closet for casual tops and try
out our tips and suggestions above. Or better yet, shop for new casual
women’s tops. I saw some great styles at Guess that are on sale. Better
check them out fast before it is out of stock. And remember, casual tops
are like cells. Surely can’t imagine fashion without them.

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casual dating Photo
Casual Women
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