Jingle all the way

YouTube has delete the original video, so here’s another- and they deleted this one too…..sorry

Boob-twerking Sara X, who busted onto the Internet in October with her eye-popping Mozart execution, and later came back to bring issues to light (and cash) for bosom disease, is back.

In her most recent video, the pectoral diva shows up in a Santa Claus cap and rings her chimes to the exemplary occasion tune. Here are a few outtakes from the shoot.

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Sara discharged the video on her YouTube channel Monday, where it’s as of now kept running up in excess of 1 million perspectives.

The greatly inked previous artist does her trap by utilizing her pectoral muscles, which causes her bosom inserts to ricochet.

She was constrained to clarify how she does it in October after individuals blamed her for faking the daily practice.

“While my boobs are exceptionally phoney, the video is genuine… I am utilizing my pectoral muscles and it’s moving my inserts,” Sara said in a Facebook post.

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